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Successful Case Studies

One of MGM Manufacturing’s greatest strengths is offering unique solutions to manufacturing challenges our valued customers’ encounter in procuring their complex metal fabricated and machined parts. We at MGM take great pride in helping our clientele save money on their projects, increase their productivity and meet their tight delivery requirements by thinking outside the box and offering special answers to their most challenging manufacturing parts requirements!

With MGM Manufacturing not only do you have a seasoned manufacturing supplier with the extensive expertise for producing complex CNC machined and fabricated parts, but you have a true partner working hand-in-hand with your in-house design and production team to find solutions to your manufacturing difficulties.

The following are just a few examples manufacturing challenges our customers’ have encountered in recent years and the creative solutions we at MGM Manufacturing have offered them to execute their projects with ease…


Customer #1: FAA Repair Station

Type of Parts: Machined Aircraft Seating Bracket

Aircraft seat bracket part_MGM Mfg.









Customer Problems:

Our customer who is a Certified FAA Repair Station was encountering problems with replacing unique Aluminum “Bracket” parts used in aircraft seats they had to repair. The OEM manufacturer of these parts had gone out of business and the parts the repair station had produced by their existing supplier were constantly cracking in-flight after a short period of time. This constant procurement of parts was costly and inconvenient to our customer and their airline customer as well.

MGM Manufacturing’s Solutions:

MGM’s skilled team of machinists recommended and machined this customer’s part from a stronger  alternative “Aluminum 7075” aircraft alloy instead of “Aluminum 6061” that their current vendor was utilizing. In addition MGM recommended that this part be heat treated after machining to further strengthen it and prevent future in-flight cracking. As a result, the new Brackets produced by MGM Manufacturing did not crack and as a result did not have to be replaced as frequently on their aircraft seats.


Customer #2 : Energy/Power  Plant

Type of Parts: Machined Magnesium Casting

magnesium casting_MGM Mfg.

Customer Problems:

Our customer who is one of the major energy producers in the U.S. faced growing difficulties in having their existing supplier provide a critical machined Magnesium casting to them with a timely delivery. Likewise they faced ever increasing costs for these  castings on a quarterly basis that was undesirable.

MGM Manufacturing’s Solutions:

The management at MGM provided this customer firm and fixed pricing to procure their entire yearly requirement of the Magnesium. Additionally MGM machined the entire annual requirement of castings for our customer in two runs. Then we placed the parts in our inventory and shipped them to our customer in a KanBan system per their monthly requirements. This resulted in zero delivery delays for these critical parts and stable pricing for the castings to meet their budgetary requirements.


Customer #3 : Industrial Machinery OEM

Type of Parts: Complex 15-5PH Steel Machined Part

complex 5-Axis part_MGM Mfg.








Customer Problems:

Our customer was machining their complex 5-Axis part at their own facility but their costs to produce the parts were too high and preventing them from selling more of their final machinery equipment. One key problem our customer was encountering was the substantial distortion of the parts during their machining operations.

MGM Manufacturing’s Solutions:

The team at MGM developed special tooling to reduce the machining cycle time for these complex parts by half. More importantly, our talented crew of seasoned machinists reduced the speed and feed of the machining on these parts to prevent the distortion generated by these parts. These two critical steps enabled MGM Manufacturing to continuously produce less costly parts that had zero distortions and no other quality deficiencies. As a result our customer was able to successfully increase production of their equipment and increase sales two fold!


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