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Shear Blades

MGM Manufacturing produces a wide range of custom-made heavy-duty industrial Shear Blades and other blades for various industries. Our precision CNC produced blades are build-to-print per our customers’ specific design requirements that measure up to 80” in length and 40” in diameter.  One of our key specialties are in producing blades for our customers with out-dated equipment. Many of customers who wish to save money purchase their Shear Blades from us rather than costly blades from OEM manufacturers. Our blades are produced from an array of high grade Tool Steels including;

A-2, H-13, P-2, D-2, Vanadium and other alloys of industrial Tool Steels…

Likewise MGM Manufacturing works closely with our valued suppliers to have your Shear Blades heat treated and ground to their exact specifications. Our quality system also enables us to check Rockwell hardness on each blade and also utilize the state-of-the-art “Magnaflux” testing to ensure that our customers’ Shear Blades are not cracked or damaged following the manufacturing process. This gives our customers peace of mind that are receiving the highest quality Shear Blades prior to shipment.

Other types of industrial working blades we are capable of manufacturing include;

Some of the industries we supply with our shear blade manufacturing services include:

In addition MGM Manufacturing also provides our customers with precision sharpening and grinding services for their various blades. This process allows for a greater longevity in the use of each blade and essential cost savings!

We also have the capabilities of manufacturing your annual requirement of blades in a cost effective manner and shipping them per your requirements with an effective Kanban system. MGM Manufacturing has proudly saved our customers worldwide who are producers of raw Titanium, Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and Zirconium metals millions of dollars by producing their custom-made Shear Blades with unique manufacturing methods that yielded long term cost savings. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in offer similar cost savings solutions!

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