• "For more than 25 years MGM Manufacturing Alliance has consistently proven to been the most reliable source of quality complex precision CNC Machined, Fabricated, EDM and other unique build-to-print components for Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and worldwide. When other vendors cannot perform or produce your intricate precision components, turn to MGM Manufacturing as the always the go-to source. We offer competitive pricing and a trademark personal service which is unmatched in the manufacturing industry. Your satisfaction is the only reaction we strive for! "


Frequently Asked Questions

What are your primary strengths over other companies in your industry?

Our main forte is in producing unique build-to-print precision CNC 4 & 5-Axis machined parts, various metal fabricated parts, toolings, jigs, fixtures, EDM parts, swaged parts, exotic alloy components, industrial shear blades, precision micro-machined smaller components, and other difficult or close-tolerance components which other manufacturing companies may be unable to manufacture due to weight, dimensional complexity, type of exotic alloy or size of such products. Essentially we manufacture the items that your average manufacturing firms do not or cannot produce cost effectively or accurately. Our expertise experience in manufacturing work enables us to manufacture close tolerance precision 4 & 5-Axis machined parts from Titanium, Inconel, Monel and other exotic alloys that most other companies shy away from. See some of our sample items here

What are MGM’s manufacturing limitations?

There are not many concepts for fabricated or machined components we have not encountered over the years. We have successfully manufactured some of the most intricate and close tolerance components every imagined. We typically ask that our customers provide us with their complete and clear dimensional blue prints. While we prefer to receive our customer’s prints in “Abode” format, we also welcome receiving prints in CAD/CAM formats as well.

What if there are no blue prints available for certain out-of-date items and only samples component are available?

While we prefer to receive a customer blue print, we realized that often times older designs of components can be misplaced or lost. Nevertheless, MGM’s team of talented personnel can “reverse engineer” most any product, produce a new blue print from that item and then manufacture it.

Can MGM also handle metal processing such as plating and painting?

MGM produces all its products complete per our customers’ blue prints. Even though MGM does not have in-house plating or painting capabilities, we need be we utilize a number of our own or customer approved suppliers for plating, painting and other processes.

What other unique services does MGM offer?

In addition to precision CNC machining and various fabrication services to our customers, we also offer reverse engineering and metrology/inspection services of complex components for our customers who require them. Read about our complete services here.

Can MGM modify or improve the quality/design of an existing component that your customer has already been using?

Yes. Our manufacturing engineers can review your existing product blue prints and offer design alternatives to improve the effectiveness, longevity and cost of producing any component you may be using. Our seasoned team of tool and die makers can also develop alternative methods of manufacturing that will reduce the machining or fabrication cycle time and as a result reduce our customers’ cost of production for certain components.

What quality system and policy does MGM utilize?

We strictly adhere to an ISO 9001 quality system and all products manufactured by MGM go through rigorous checks and balances process to ensure consistently defect-free products. At every stage of manufacturing, from receipt of the raw material to packaging of the completed product, all items must pass through and be approved by to our quality procedures. Read more about our quality policy here.

Can MGM also do sub-assembly and assembly of machined parts?

Yes. We do some light sub-assembly of components per our customers’ dimensional blue prints. Such sub-assembly work we do typically involves the installation of hardware such as nut plates, inserts and rivets.

Manufacturing  certain can be very expensive, how is MGM able to offer short-term and long term cost savings to its customers?

After nearly 25 years of working in this industry, MGM has very low overhead costs since all of our state-of-the-art CNC equipment have been paid off. This translates into cost savings for our customers. We therefore can work closely with our customer’s budgets in order to meet their pricing targets. We are also more than willing to work closely with our customers’ engineering personnel to develop alternative methods of manufacturing which will be more cost effective while maintaining a high quality of product. Lastly MGM is committed to maintaining its prices and costs for certain clients who wish to work with us on a long term basis and have long term contracts with us for their component requirements.

What industries does MGM typically work with?

We work with a wide range of industries including; raw metal mills, automotive and aerospace manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, medical and scientific research institutes, paper and corrugated cardboard producers, oil and gas equipment OEMs, semiconductor, food industry, plastics industry, nuclear energy companies as well as alternative energy companies. We welcome your RFQs and inquires via e-mail: sales@mgmmfg.com

Can you ship nationally or internationally?

Yes. MGM Manufacturing can arrange shipment “door-to-door” to any destination in the world.

There are thousands of parts manufacturers out there, why should I choose MGM as a supplier?

The simple answer is; our extensive expertise/ experience in manufacturing, cost savings advantages only we can offer you and MGM’s trademark personal service you will rarely find among machining and fabrication companies. For more extensive information about Why MGM should be your value added supplier click here