• "For more than 25 years MGM Manufacturing Alliance has consistently proven to been the most reliable source of quality complex precision CNC Machined, Fabricated, EDM and other unique build-to-print components for Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and worldwide. When other vendors cannot perform or produce your intricate precision components, turn to MGM Manufacturing as the always the go-to source. We offer competitive pricing and a trademark personal service which is unmatched in the manufacturing industry. Your satisfaction is the only reaction we strive for! "

About Us


MGM Manufacturing Alliance Corp. is a Southern California-based company specializing in producing build-to-print precision CNC machined and fabricated components for various industries. We are dedicated to producing excellent quality products, with superior service to our customers, at competitive pricing and with a commitment to the well being of each of employees. Today we employ a group of highly dedicated and very talented engineers, fabricators, tool & die makers and machinists, whom produce specialized custom-made products that our competitors can only dream of.

Over the years we have gained a unique reputation in the industry for “saving the day” for our various customers when their other suppliers have failed to perform as far as quality, delivery and responsiveness. This is a special reputation we are proud to have obtained.

We machine our many of our metal components from various alloys including: 

Likewise we have expertise in machining numerous industrial grade plastics including:

MGM also manufactures various custom-made metal loading bins and lugger boxes for the scrap metal processing plants, raw metal mills, paper mills, food manufacturers, the aerospace industry and plastics industries. Our in-house capabilities, proximity to metal, hardware and component sources assure our on-time deliveries of most any of your products at competitive prices.

We welcome your inquires and quotes at:  sales@mgmmfg.com

Our Philosophy: “Personalize Customer Service”

Where our competitors may only be too immersed in the technical aspects of their work, we at MGM Manufacturing NEVER FORGET that from the beginning of quoting parts to delivery of our customers’ products, it’s all about close and friendly cooperation with you, our customer! We at MGM Manufacturing are dedicated to catering to our customers’ specific design and budgetary requirements. We pride ourselves in working closely with our customers’ and are committed to complete customer satisfaction. If need be our willingness is to go above and beyond the call of duty by providing fast responses to quotations as well as working weekends, holidays, and even 24-hour shifts to ensure our customers delivery goals are met. MGM’s extensive record of unmatched and award-winning service speaks for itself. So, when all your other suppliers have let you down, turn to MGM for your manufacturing needs… we will do out utmost to “save the day” for you.

In addition, we take pride in employing close attention to details and the manufacturing discipline employed by MGM Manufacturing creates precision dies and components that provide you the benefits of interchangeability of such products. These long term benefits provide our customers with lower maintenance costs, longer product life, as well as insuring consistent product quality. Read more about Why you need MGM Manufacturing as one of your value added suppliers below.

Our Quality Policy

MGM Manufacturing Alliance pledges itself to manufacturing defect-free products and to provide exceptional on-time delivery. The appropriate operating procedures shall be followed to ensure that only high integrity products are delivered to our customers. Our employees will devote themselves to cultivating a personal commitment to quality and a philosophy of continuous improvement in all they do. Our Quality Assurance Department maintains process controls on all operations with employee participation using established quality standards. We focused on achieving total customer satisfaction. MGM maintains its high supplier quality ratings and is proud to have certifications with many Fortune 500 companies and industrial leaders worldwide. Evaluation of our system will reveal impeccable credentials and a genuine, organization-wide dedication to continuous quality improvement. Engineering, manufacturing and administrative operations are all complaint to the ISO 9001 system. For a complete list of our equipment, brochure and sample work, e-mail us: sales@mgmmfg.com

Why Choose MGM for your Manufacturing Needs?

Cost Savings
Unlike other manufacturers, MGM Manufacturing has all of its equipments paid off and can pass on significant cost savings to you for your most any of your precision components and tools as well as other projects. We have the flexibility to work with your specific price budgets and offer you creative manufacturing solutions to save you money on your desired tools and dies.

Offering Better Delivery Schedules
While other companies offer longer lead times to deliver your tools, dies and molds can often times cut those lead times in half and deliver more rapidly due to our higher efficiency.

Outstanding Past Record of Performance & Quality
For many years MGM Manufacturing has become known as the “go-to source” for heavy duty and complex tools, dies and components that need excellent quality products. We’ve produced hundreds of different tools, dies and molds for countless companies–  there are not very many types of items we have not seen or produced. For years we bailed out numerous larger manufacturers and OEMs, so that they would be able to ship their parts on-time.

Friendly & Prompt Service
Unlike other tool and die shops with too many personnel who are too busy be courteous, MGM Manufacturing offers our trademark unique fast, friendly, and effective responses to our customer’s quotations and regular progress reports after orders have been placed with us. With MGM as your tool and die supplier, you will NEVER get lost in the shuffle as we are dedicated to personally catering to your specific needs 24/7- even on weekends and holidays if need be!